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This is a map of my web site


About Me - my curriculum vitae

Teaching - a brief description of my teaching experience


GGC, GA, USA - my courses at Georgia Gwinnett College, University Systems of Georgia

bulletComputing - syllabus of Introduction to Computing, ITEC 1001 course
bulletProgramming I - syllabus of  Introduction to Programming, ITEC 2120 course
bulletProgramming II - syllabus of Intermediate Programming, ITEC 2150 course
bulletDatabases - syllabus of Introduction to Databases, ITEC 3200 course
bulletOperating Systems - syllabus of Operating Systems, ITEC 3600 course

Prof Practice - syllabus of Professional Practice and Ethics, ITEC 3900 course


USP, PA, USA - my teaching activities at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia

bullet Orientation - Orientation to Computer Science,  CS 100
bullet Data Structures - Data Structures,  CS 320
bullet Architecture - Computer Architecture,  CS 322
bullet Simulation - Systems Simulation,  CS 329
bullet Simulation Env - Special Topics in Computer Science, Air Quality Models, CS 490
bullet Simulation Bio - Special Topics in Bioinformatics, BI 860
bullet Special Topics - Special Topics in Computer Science, Information Flows Analysis, CS 490
bullet Student Projects - List of small student research projects conducted within my various courses

Clinical Trials - abstract of small student research project related to the clinical trials area


Diffusion Models - abstract of small student research project related to air quality models area


Disasters - abstract of small research project related to natural, industrial, and terrorist disasters area

bullet Moscow, Russia - my teaching activities at Moscow, Russia

Research - a brief description of my experience in research area


Design Methodology - Simulation-Based Design Methodology for Environmental and Geophysical Information Systems
bulletEco Systems - results of applying the Design Methodology for the environmental information technology for the city of Moscow
bulletGeo Systems - results of applying the Design Methodology in the information technology for assessment of underground petroleum and natural gas deposits


bulletSystems' Efficiency - an assessment of an efficiency of computer systems' architecture 
bulletEnvironment - an assessment of a regional sustainable development concept 


Artificial Intelligence
bulletAI Applications - application for power plant and transportation 
bulletBasics - background information on fuzzy logic 


My Books
bulletBrief description of my book "Systems of Automation in Ecology and Geophysics Design Methodology and Assessment of Architectural Solutions Based on Simulation Modeling Methods"
bulletBrief description of the book "Methodological and information foundations for evaluation of the current conditions of regions and systems approaches to determining possible strategies of transition of Russian to sustainable development"

bulletMy Recent Published Papers

Industry - brief information about my industry experience described in largest Russian newspapers

bulletOstankino - a newspaper article that describes a measurement and information system for collection, processing and presentation of the meteorological and ecological information from Ostankino TV tower of Moscow
bulletAir & Water - a newspaper article that describes an experimental range of the automated monitoring system for the pollution of atmospheric air and surface waters in the Moscow region 

Service - a brief description of my experience in service area in the USA

Map - this page

bulletGGC - Georgia Gwinnett College a unit of University System of Georgia
bulletUSP - University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
bulletIRE RAS - Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences
bulletMEPhI - Moscow Engineering Physics Institute - State University
bulletROSHYDROMET - Russian Federal Service For Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring 

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