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During my tenure at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP) I designed and taught the following undergraduate and graduate courses:

Undergraduate courses:

bulletCS 100 Orientation to Computer Science*
bulletCS-110 Introduction to Computer Application: Word Processing
bulletCS 111 - Introduction to Computer Application: Spreadsheets
bulletCS 201 Computer Programming I
bulletCS 202 Computer Programming II
bulletCS 320 - Data Structures*
bulletCS 322 - Computer Architecture*
bulletCS 324 - Database Programming*
bulletCS 329 - Systems Simulation I*
bulletCS 330 - Systems Simulation II*
bulletCS 490 - Special Topics in Computer Science (Clinical Trial Simulation)*
bulletCS 490 - Special Topics in Computer Science (Pharmaceutical Information Flows Analysis)*
bulletCS 490 - Special Topics in Computer Science (Environmental Mathematical Modeling & Simulation)*
bulletCS 498 Research in Computer Sciences I (Systems Simulation III)*
bulletCS 499 - Research in Computer Sciences II (Systems Simulation IV)*

Graduate courses:

bulletBI 780 - Advanced Systems Analysis and Design (Computer Science Portion)*
bulletBI 860 - Special Topics in Bioinformatics (Simulation Methods for Bioinformatics)*

* I created and implemented this course

While working at USP I directed my efforts to establishing a simulation culture at the university. To implement this idea, I engaged many USP students in participating in simulation research projects. Examples of these projects may be found in the section "Student Projects" . Please click the corresponding button on the left side of this page.

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