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My original teaching experience is from Moscow, Russia, which I primarily obtained from  the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences (IRE RAS) and from the Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, State University (MEPhI).

 In IRE RAS I served as a Director of Laboratory of Information Technologies and Systems Analysis in natural and industrial complexes. IRE RAS is one of the largest centers of science and basic research. The institute has its own doctoral program that produces experts of the highest qualification. I actively participated in the scientific and educational activities along the following directions:


Methods of formal description of geophysical and ecological objects (processes) and industrial systems for the simulation-based analysis of their dynamics;


Experimental information systems and systems of automation working in real time in the areas of geophysics, ecology, and environmental management.

During my tenure at IRE RAS (1985-2000) I directed the studies and research of about 25 Doctoral and Masters students of some of the largest universities: Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow State University, and Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering.

Samples of doctoral and masters theses developed under my supervision include:


Development of a simulation model to analyze the efficiency of a system of automation for geophysical experiment on deep sounding of the Earth,


Analysis of spatial and temporal characteristics of information flows and database design for environmental monitoring systems for large industrial city,


Simulation modeling methods in the problems of automotive transportation pollution assessment.

My teaching activity is also related to MEPhI (1980-2000). It is one of the most famous and prestigious Russian educational and scientific centers. A distinctive feature of educational programs in MEPhI is a combination of in-depth studies of physical and mathematical subjects at a level of the best universities in the world with a broad development of basic, applied, and engineering research. For over 20 years I collaborated with the School of Cybernetics of MEPhI. I was involved in teaching activities of the university related to the systems design and application of methods of simulation modeling for various ecological problems on both undergraduate and graduate levels.

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