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My teaching experience has a long-standing history. My teaching approach is relatively easy and may be summarized as follows:

As a professor and facilitator of the learning process, I am responsible for creating and maintaining an organizational environment and tools that students can effectively use to absorb the knowledge and obtain the skills taught in a course. In order to accommodate the varying learning styles and needs of different students, my teaching techniques are also diversified.

The specifics of my teaching methods may differ for each individual course, but in general, each of my courses is usually a combination of lectures, hands-on activities, labs, group work, and a healthy dose of assignments and projects. By designing the rules of engagement in the learning process, it is my responsibility to set the standards of success and to evaluate the achievement of my students. My measures of success are not based on the amount of effort or the time spent, but on the real and tangible achievement of goals. The standards that I set in my courses are achievable, but they require a lot of hard work. My students would say that it is impossible to get a good grade on a test without completing all preceding assignments because I value problem-solving and analytical skills above all. Computer Science and Information Technology are such areas where, in the vast majority of cases, the theory is there only to support practice. Therefore, it is my belief that ones theoretical knowledge is only as good as ones ability to apply it to solving practical problems.

My main pedagogical goals in the most courses I teach are:


to provide a good background in main computer science and information technology concepts,


to introduce concepts of computer systems design,


to introduce elements of systems analysis,


to develop students' programming skills,


to obtain problem-solving skills in actual application areas,


to involve advanced students in research.

Conditionally, this experience could be divided into two parts. 


The first part is related to the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences (IRE RAS) and  Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute, State University (MEPhI).


The second part of my teaching experience is related to the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA (USP, PA, USA) and Georgia Gwinnett College a unit of University System of Georgia, USA (GGC, GA, USA).

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