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Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (State University), current official name is the National Research Nuclear University

Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) has trained thousands of highly qualified specialists. Among its graduates are Nobel Prize winners, the members of Russian Academy of Sciences, winners of different National Prizes.

MEPhI's professors and alumni have made major contributions to various fields of theoretical and experimental physics, mathematics, cybernetics and computer sciences. Today MEPhI enrolls about 6,000 students with six branches of MEPhI in other towns. Its mission is to advance learning through the integration of teaching, research and service to others.

MEPhI is recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of its programs. The most important ingredient of graduate education in MEPhI is the combination of fundamental knowledge of physics and mathematics with profound engineering skills, enabling students to solve the current problems of contemporary science and modern industries.

The MEPhI has a well-balanced system of training students to do independent research work. The basis for the system is provided by comprehensive programs intended for the entire period of instruction. It is the practice at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute that senior students are trained at the research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and at the industrial laboratories.

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