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    This publication was financially supported by Russian Fund for Basic Studies, project 94-01-21004. 

Kurkovsky A.P., Pritsker A.A.B. "Systems of Automation in Ecology and Geophysics Design Methodology and Assessment of Architectural Solutions Based on Simulation Modeling Methods". Moscow, "Nauka", 1995.
This book presents systematic methods for studies of physical objects and processes in ecology and geophysics at the meso-level of the spatio-temporal scale, as well as appropriate systems of automation, with the purposes of finding a balanced rational interrelation between them. Formalized methodology for the design of systems of automation based on hierarchical model descriptions is described. On the basis of methods of simulation modeling, the methodology permits to evaluate and to choose architecture of a particular system, adequate to the given criteria of efficiency. 

Application of the developed methodology using the simulation modeling environment SLAM is presented for the analysis and development of actual systems of automation for physical studies of the near-ground layer of atmosphere, deep sounding of Earth, and monitoring of the natural environment pollution. 

22 tables, 62 figures, 190 references.

ISBN 5-02-012231-9

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